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               Helping the Horses Humans overcome:
Spooking and shying , Barn shy, Trailer Loading, Kicking, Herd Bound, Barn Sour, Mounting, Pull Back, Leadership, Water Crossing, Foot Handling, Hard to bit, Proper Saddling, Pain Management, Headshy, Rearing, Aggressiveness, Bucking, Trailor loading, Trail ready

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    "Partnership & Confidence Building     


  **Private one on one  $70 per hour (at WHR or your facility)

  **Package of 6 lessons $385 per package (at WHR only)

                                      Instructional Trail Rides                                 _

    *Trails are wonderful, 1.5 hours long on our safe, sure footed horses. We take you through mountains, washes, hills, through undiscovered magnificent, scenic and panoramic territory. 
                                                          (5 person max.)
                                          $85 per person

   *Weight limit is 230 lbs.
   *Lessons and Trail rides age requirement, 9 up
   *Jeans or long pants and appropriate foot wear.  
    *No open-toed shoes.
   *Safety helmets are available.
   *Water, sunscreen and a hat are recommended  
     during the summer months
"Listens to Horses and Whispers Back"
       *Workshops / Clinics
     *Chaps n Hats program
​                                         Workshops        

                                1-Day Workshop : $175
                                2-Day Workshop : $325
                               7-Day Workshops Call for pricing
                                  Ranch Experience
                                     "Chaps n Hats" 
              Private multi day riding and ranch experience
                                      2 night minimum   
                               call for info and pricing​


    February 26-March 5, 2023****Tombstone Monument Ranch
                                                  Tombstone, AZ (Call to register)

"Riding a Horse is not a gentle hobby to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. Its a Grand Passion."
--R.W. Emerson